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Bikeability offering free family training until April -
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Family training is a great way to boost your bike confidence, opening up the possibility of family cycle trips, adventures or even better, cycling to school with the kids. Learn how to boss the traffic, plan routes, ride as a group and - for adults - how you can give your kids the most freedom whilst keeping them safe!

Courses are delivered by National Standard qualified, experienced instructors, tailored to your family's needs, at a time to suit you. For more information see:

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About Us

ByCycle is all about making everyday riding as easy and fun as possible.

I've done a fair few two wheeled activities over the years: road cycling, mountain biking, touring, even bike polo. But actually, the people making a difference are you guys cruising your way to work, popping to the shops or cycling to school with the kids.

So that's our focus.

It doesn't matter how cranky your ride or how fast you ride it—if you're powered by pedals we can help!

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Cycle Events

If you're looking for something different for your outdoor event, we might be able to help!


We've worked with local councils, housing associations and other organisations to deliver on-the-spot bike maintenance, advice, workshops and fun cycling games.

We have experienced mechanics who are also qualified cycling instructors used to working with children and adults of all abilities - so for a change from face-painting, get on yer bike!


Affordable Repairs

Hire Scheme

One Awesome Bike, with a lock and lights

Free maintenance - no need to spend out on bike shop repairs

Bike and travel advice, maps and tips for safe cycling


Contact the University Transport Team for updates 


Contact Us

ADDRESS:Wingmore Court, Ox Road. Wingmore CT4 6LS

TEL: 07842636597 |

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