Bike Hire For Just £40 a Term

About Us

ByCycle is all about making everyday riding as easy and fun as possible.

I've done a fair few two wheeled activities over the years: road cycling, mountain biking, touring, even bike polo. But actually, the people making a difference are you guys cruising your way to work, popping to the shops or out for a jaunt to the seaside.

So that's our focus.

It doesn't matter how cranky your ride or how fast you ride it—if you're powered by pedals we can help!

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Our Community

We've developed a great relationship with the University of Kent and the lovely staff and students. It's still early days but thanks to Kent Sport we have access to warm, well-equipped workshop facilities at the Cycle Hub.

We work there every Wednesday during term time, offering free bike checks and adjustments.

If your bike needs a bit more TLC, show your student or staff card for a great service price of £30—and we always do more than we need to!

The plan is to have cycle events on campus in the near future and we work closely with Estates Transport to improve the facilities and support regular cycling.


Affordable Repairs

Hire Scheme

One Awesome Bike, with a lock and lights

Free maintenance - no need to spend out on bike shop repairs

Bike and travel advice, maps and tips for safe cycling

All for just £40 a term!

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Contact Us

ADDRESS: The Cycle Hub, Parkwood Road, University of Kent, CT2 7NR

TEL: 07842636597 |